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Organized East of the River will be happy to offer you a free one-hour in-home consultation.  Before we leave your home, we will provide you with a project plan and estimated cost of the job, time needed per project, and a list of organizational products needed to redefine and repurpose the space. To reduce the cost of materials, Donna will utilize storage and organizational items already located in your home.  Should additional items be needed, we will be happy to pick them up at local stores and bring them to your home the day of the organizing project. The cost of any materials will be added to the final bill upon completion of the project. 

To save on budget and reduce the cost of labor, Donna can provide you with a "to do" list of ways to begin prepping the space for organizing before she and her team arrive.  Depending on the size of the project or time frame restrictions, additional home organizers may be required to complete your project. 


Home and office

Organizing is the art of creating space, efficiencies, and customizable systems in your home or office. Through utilizing these techniques, your space will regain functionality creating peace of mind to the homeowner.

Home organization can be done in any room of the house including attics, basements, garages.  When all your household items have a place, organization becomes easy to maintain and the space regains its functionality. 

The Organized East of the River team will provide you organization tips during your in-home consultation and work with you to organize the space.  It is our goal to help you determine which items to keep and which items to let go as we create organizational systems throughout your home.

Projects can included but are not limited to:

  • organizing closets, shelves and entire rooms
  • organizing hobby and play rooms
  • organizing storage spaces 
  • creating personal “and” business filing systems 
  • maximizing space in small areas
  • finding space where none is evident