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Unique Customized


To better serve our clients, Organized East of the River charges no upfront cost or deposit to begin your project.  It is our goal to reduce the cost of labor through the sale your unwanted items. Upon completion of your project within approximately 1 to 3 weeks, you can expect to receive a detailed project recap outlining expenses, labor, and materials.  In addition, the project recap will included a list of all items being sold and donated. Approximately three months after the completion of your project (time allowed for items to be sold), you will receive a bill of services netting the labor and materials from the commission on sold items. 

A free 90 minute consultation can involve the homeowner, children of the loved one, realtor, and/or estate attorney.  During the on-site consultation, you will receive an estimated number of hours needed to complete your project, a clarification of salable items identified in the home (we do not guarantee the sale of all items, as they depend on the market), and overall cost of completion.  We will be happy to set up a time to begin your project the day of the consultation. 

Peace of Mind During Difficult Times

"Having lost both my parents within 18 months of each other was a grief I wasn't prepared for. The task of closing out 62 yrs of memories in their home was left entirely up to me. I gave away a lot, I took a lot of treasures to my own home. But the big pieces of furniture were left. My sibling was pressuring me to empty the house so it could be sold. I called auctioneers and estate sale people. My calls were fruitless, no antiques not the right stuff. I was panicked. Then from 2 different and highly unlikely sources, I was given Donna's name.

On our first phone conversation she was so caring. She couldn't accomodate me more. She made a late evening "house call". She was so warm, so open to my opinions and so willing to help. Because she was so professional and knowledgable I was immediately relieved. In my heart of hearts I knew she was the postive answer to my dilemma. She and her crew emptied the house quickly and efficiently, again very professional. No nicked walls, no scratched furniture.

She came along at exactly the right time and was a godsend to me. I couldn't be more pleased. The whole process from beginning to end went without a hitch. She always made herself available to me. What began as a horrific time in my life, actually turned out surprisingly well. All thanks to Donna."

– Sue Laribee, Cromwell CT

Whole house


As an estate organizer, Donna and her team at Organized East of the River can assist you with all aspects of your loved one's whole house clear-out. 

Services available include...

  • identifying saleable items
  • removing non saleable items
  • itemizing and transporting donations
  • loading dumpsters or securing private a hauler
  • supervising the sale of unwanted items

Organized East of the River will work with you to customize services to fit your needs.