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About the...

auction house & Company 

We work with a well established sixty year old company, based in Pleasant Valley, New York with a proprietary bidding platform that reaches tens of thousands of proven bidders. Unlike Ebay, each lot has a dynamic end to ensure the auction doesn't close until all bidders have a chance to participate. Our auctions have a regional following including all parts of New England and many New York counties.

What happens when...

am item does not sell?

If an item does not sell at auction or is not able to be included in the online auction, Organized East of the River will provide you with resources in your area to consign or donate your unwanted items.  We will also work to sell any remaining items to the auction buyers on the day of pick up.

What is a Lot &

What Items are included?

“What is a Lot?”  - A lot is any item or items sold together as one unit.

Saleable items include...

  • furniture (modern, vintage, and antique)
  • small and large appliances
  • lawn and garden equipment
  • tools
  • collectibles
  • games and toys
  • books
  • men's and woman's clothing, jewelry and accessories
  • metal ware
  • lamps, rugs, and décor
  • pots, pans, bakeware, dishes, glassware
  • fixtures and hardware
  • vehicles & real estate

How Much Money 

can I expect to make?

Unlike traditional consignment venues, online auctions allow the client to retain approximately 80% of the auction profits.  In addition to the commission paid to the auction company, there are hourly labor charges related to preparing and overseeing your event. 


online auctions

Online auctions are a unique way of selling large quantities of items efficiently and affordably.  Whether you are making the transition of moving to a new home or simply downsizing, online auctions can be a great tool for you. 

Organized East of the River will work with you to...

  • evaluate each piece
  • arrange items into lots to increase bidding and attract potential buyers
  • create detailed descriptions to accompany multiple photos of each lot
  • launch and monitor your auction
  • coordinate and collect payments
  • oversee auction pick up

We will work around your schedule to arrange a convenient pick up date and time, and provide on site support as buyers collect their pieces. Approximately thirty days after your action closes you will receive a check in the mail and a detailed report on each lots sold!